Driving Healthy Hydration Through Twitter for Buxton Water

Driving Healthy Hydration Through Twitter for Buxton Water

“The results were fantastic, with incredibly positive sentiment towards the brand.”

-Hugo Moura, Brand Manager, Buxton & Nestlé Pure Life


Buxton Water was the official water provider for the London Marathon. Buxton Water sought to drive awareness about healthy hydration by leveraging Twitter.


Buxton Water sought to engage London Marathon runners and promote healthy hydration.


The Performics Social Team created a Twitter campaign covering the London Marathon. Performics tied “#withyoualltheway” to Twitter interactions in addition to:

  • Canada Water Takeover: Buxton Water has a historic partnership with Transport for London (TFL). TFL allowed Buxton Water to change the name of the Canada Water station to ‘Buxton Water’ for 24 hours.
    • Performics ran Twitter lead-generation cards to drive competition entries
  • #Runwithalovedone: Runners could enter a competition to run the 80 meter part of the course with someone who had supported them throughout their training experience.
  • Twitter Promoted Trend: Buxton Water ran a promoted trend the day of the marathon. This allowed Buxton Water to have a highly visible presence during the race while also encouraging people to interact with #withyoualltheway through tweets of support.
    • Performics leveraged Twitter’s interest targeting to group people together based on different life events, which allowed real-time relevance
    • Performics ran photo tweets with hydration tips for the runners


Performics’ involvement in Buxton Water’s social campaign deemed successful:

  • Generated 31.6 million impressions and 442,000 engagements in just 4 weeks
  • Engagement rate on the day of the promoted trend was 6.10% and 4.34% for the overall campaign
  • Peak engagement rate was 14.8%, achieved via the #Runwithalovedone gallery card, demonstrating the impact of emotionally-led content
  • Buxton Water gained a 38% growth in followers within one week
  • The Nielsen Brand Study revealed a 30% increase in post-engagement brand recall

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