Every Fan Can Scout in the 2010 NFL Draft: Video search preparing fans for real time interaction

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Every Fan Can Scout in the 2010 NFL Draft: Video search preparing fans for real time interaction

Posted by Eric Papczun, VP of SEO & Feeds

For the first time, the NFL Draft will air in prime time in 2010 (tonight, Thursday April 22). Although it could be purely coincidental, 2010 also marks a high-water mark for online video.

In anticipation of the NFL draft, fans have access to an incredible amount of useful online video resources. Just like in other aspects of life, these resources give consumers more control over their universe. Whether they need help preparing for a crucial job interview, visual guidance on how to fix a dishwasher, or the ability to wow their friends and scorn their teams during the NFL draft, online video puts more perspective, data and information into the hands of consumers than ever before.

Specific to the 2010 draft and for the first time ever, fans can practically put themselves on par with scouts, coaches and general managers by accessing many types of footage online, including:

  • Coaches talking about players
  • NFL Combine footage
  • Professional video packages from media outlets like ESPN
  • Sideline footage shot by college fans
  • A wide array of expert (and novice) commentary, mock draft choices and more

In past years, some determined fans may have creatively tracked down bits and pieces of these resources, but now a few simple searches can prepare fans to assess a prospect’s athletic ability or character. Consider the example of Anthony Davis, a former left tackle for Rutgers who is hailed by most experts as the fourth best tackle in the draft who will likely go in the middle of the first round despite some concerns about his character and work ethic.

A couple of quick searches produce a wide array of video resources fans can use to assess his value:

The result of these resources is a more informed consumer, and NFL brass may need to answer to more informed fans than ever before this year. With video being easier to create, post and consume than ever before, two universal truths about consumers ring true for most every brand:

1. They are more informed than ever
2. They are no longer dependent on traditional broadcast media

Curious about what video resources currently represent your brand online or how to exert some control over this new opportunity? Drop me a line at eric.papczun@performics.com, and we can brainstorm.

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