Excelling at Multichannel: Whitepaper Insights

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Excelling at Multichannel: Whitepaper Insights

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With insights from Arnaud Lauga, Data, Technology and Innovation Director, Publicis Media France

View our latest whitepaper: Multichannel Attribution, Contribution & Optimisation

Performics has developed a whitepaper on Multichannel Attribution, Contribution & Optimisation in partnership with the Electronic Business Group (EBG) Task Force. In the third chapter, we uncover the importance of leveraging cross-channel strategies.

Consumers are leveraging multiple devices and browsers to retrieve information. It’s important to know that consumers interact on several devices/browsers daily, so by learning how they connect with others and what they’re searching for, marketers can get a better understanding of the consumer’s habits and behaviors.

By learning how consumers shop and search on different devices/browsers, brands can better manage and adapt their strategies (frequency, media planning optimizations, remarketing, creatives, etc.) What type of things does the consumer search for when using a work computer versus a home computer? When and where are they converting their intent into revenue? How do I manage optimal ad frequency? What type of creatives should be used based on consumer behaviors? Leveraging multichannel tactics, brands can target users more precisely and individually, leading to higher conversion rates.

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