Expanded Search Query Report Reveals Opportunities to Improve Campaign Performance

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June 19, 2009
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June 23, 2009

Expanded Search Query Report Reveals Opportunities to Improve Campaign Performance

Posted by Jenna Sheeran, Account Director


Historically, Google has always lumped low volume traffic terms into groups (“other unique queries”) in the Search Query Report.  Search marketers were not able to see each of these “other unique queries” broken out by how many clicks each term drove.  In some situations, these groups could account for a large percentage of traffic volume for the campaign.  Not having transparency into exactly how much traffic each of the “other unique queries” drove impaired optimization, thus negatively affecting the overall performance of the account. 


Recently, Google has opened up their report so that we can now see all search queries driving traffic to a program.  We are now able to implement additional negatives that we would not have previously considered.  For instance, if we are bidding on a keyword like “laptop computers” and the Search Query Report tells us traffic is coming from “8.9 inch laptop computers,” but we don’t sell 8.9 inch laptops, we would negate “8.9 inch.”  Since “8.9 inch laptop computers” is a low volume term, it may have previously fallen into the “other unique queries” group in the Search Query Report, and we would not have known we were getting unqualified traffic from that term.  In the aggregate, example like this can make a big difference in optimizing a program.

Therefore, the expanded Search Query Report allows search marketers the ability to more effectively manage programs that drive more efficient and qualified traffic.  With the current state of the economy, any additional efficiencies gained through negating traffic found in the expanded Search Query Report is extremely helpful to the overall performance of a search program.

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