Facebook Audience Insights Tool: Leveraging Insights to Create Powerful Connections

On May 8th, Facebook announced a powerful new tool that will enable marketers to learn more about their target audiences, called Facebook Audience Insights. This tool is available to U.S. advertisers through Facebook’s Ad Manager (global access will be rolled out in the next few months). The new tool functions by taking aggregate information already available on Facebook and combining it with information from third-party partners such as Acxiom. This new release will provide more customer insights, enabling advertisers to deliver more tailored messaging to the right people, at the right time. A plus for Facebook users is that Facebook is keeping privacy in mind; Facebook Audience Insights allows marketers anonymous insights while keeping people’s personal information private. Advertisers can gain insights into three groups of people: (1) current Facebook users, (2) users connected to a brand’s page or event and (3) users targeted in Custom Audiences lists. DEEPER TARGETING INSIGHTS Facebook Audience Insights is a more advanced version of what was previously referred to as the CAT tool. Performics leveraged the CAT tool in conjunction with Facebook account teams to better understand how changes in demographics for page fans correlated to changes in actions or engagement. Facebook Audience Insights will provide richer information and insights, including:

  • Demographics: Age, gender, lifestyle, education, relationship status, job role, household size and household income
  • Page Likes: The top pages people like in different categories
  • Location and Language: Where people live and what language they speak
  • Facebook Usage: How frequently people in target audiences log onto Facebook, what device(s) they use and their interactions on Facebook (not just with a brand page, but all actions)
  • Purchase Activity: Past purchase behavior and purchase methods

To activate Facebook Audience Insights for your brand, please contact your Performics Account Team today.

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