Facebook Newsfeed Update – Bringing People Closer Together: Implications for Advertisers


Facebook recently announced significant changes to its Feed algorithm in a blog post. Based on user feedback that the Feed doesn’t represent friends and family as much as it used to, Facebook’s algorithm will now be increasing the weight it puts on friend interactions. Posts that inspire conversations and interactions such as comments, shares and reactions will be prioritized.


    • With these changes in place, Pages may see organic reach declines, as well as declines in video watch time and referral traffic. However, posts that lead to significant interactions will likely not be impacted as much.
    • Engagement baiting, asking for comments, likes and shares, will be deprioritized in the algorithm.
  • PAID:
    • There will be no changes to ads ranking at this time.
    • If a page post is receiving less organic reach due to the ranking change and is boosted, it might have a slight negative impact within the ads auction. This is the only way an ad will be impacted at this time.

THE BOTTOM LINE: With recent changes to the algorithm and declines in organic reach over the last five years, brands will need to focus on a paid vs. organic social strategy. When focusing on organic content, brands need to create content that is meaningful to the user. Brands should focus on content that matters to their audiences, including new products and services, conversing with clients via Messenger, and sharing relevant Events and videos.

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