February Gem Award: Nathan Allgood, Media Manager, Performance Media

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March 21, 2016
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March 23, 2016

February Gem Award: Nathan Allgood, Media Manager, Performance Media

Nathan AllgoodWhy Nathan is our February Gem:

Nominated by Lauren Bradley, Group Account Director, Client Solutions; Christie Sugrue, Media Director, Performance Media; and Danielle Gantos, VP, Group Media Director, Performance Media.

Agency Value(s): Motivate, Drive Performance & Optimize for Action



Nathan Allgood is the definition of an optimist and approaches every situation, light or heavy, with a positive, can-do attitude. His attitude and positive outlook have an impact on the team and all team members regardless of role, department or title look forward to working with and learning from Nathan.

Our team has had a lot of internal fluctuation over the past 12 months, and Nathan has taken charge in helping the broader teams with training, new team member onboarding (regardless of department) and any projects that fall outside of his typical responsibilities. As the Performance Media team has evolved over the past 18 months, Nathan has wasted no time in learning as much as he can about Social and Display while sharing his Paid Search expertise with us. Our team is truly cross-channel and we couldn’t have achieved this without Nathan’s dedication and commitment.

Drive for Performance/Optimize for Action

Nathan is absolutely a trusted advisor to our client team and has made tremendous progress over the past 12 months in becoming a go-to for our media day-to-day contact. There are even some circumstances where Nathan is able to provide more history and background on a project/internal department than the client is able to!

Nathan’s Gift Selection:

American Express Gift Card

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