First 6 Months in a Digital Agency

Post by Samuel Rebbechi, Performance Content & SEO Specialist

My first six months in a digital agency has been an intensely exciting and insightful learning experience. It has involved gaining a completely new understanding of digital, its rules and eccentricities with a realization of the crucial role performance marketing has in the marketing mix. I have absorbed several significant lessons over the few short months and will share the top three I feel have been essential to my development as a budding marketer:

(1) Digital Disruption

A part of the attraction of working at a digital agency was to be in the ‘know’ and understand the latest trends in the industry. I learned very quickly that digital marketing requires not just an awareness of the latest innovation, but a drive to change and disrupt. The digital world has revolutionized the way consumers and marketers communicate and connect, driving digital marketing in its many facets to become a practice that is constantly searching for innovative ways to distinguish brands and drive performance. This is what clients expect, and it is our responsibility as digital marketers to provide services that make our clients digital leaders by being disruptors, not the disrupted.

(2) Customer-Centrism

Working in a digital agency has certainly taught me the importance of knowing the customer and understanding the environmental context that influences his/her buying behavior. The buying power consumers have in our time, the wide variety of product and service choices available and their ability to publicise their opinions is unprecedented, but so is the information available to digital brands. Identifying consumer intent and providing brands with the ability to engage with customers throughout the customer journey makes consumers the undisputed focus of digital marketing.

The combination of these factors provides opportunity to understand, engage and connect in a way that has never before been possible. Our responsibility as marketers is to realize the opportunity and distil actionable, customer-focused insights for our clients that drives business results. These insights are essential to a business’ success in a marketing age defined by customer-centrism.

(3) Quality Content Builds Authority

Before I started in Performance Content, I had noticed the catchword ‘content’ thrown around a lot in the industry. I became skeptical of content’s effectiveness as a digital strategy after observing instances where brands were simply writing content on a topic to rank for the search term rather than providing valuable information to the consumer. What I had not considered however, was the contribution that quality content made in building a brand’s topical online authority and its part in servicing the online search needs of consumers. I soon realized that it’s not just about helping brands rank for particular search terms but also building their online presence as authorities on relevant topics.

I have learned that Performance Content strategies are data-driven, highly-targeted and engineered to achieve business results for clients and have realized the combination of a robust strategy and high-quality production is imperative to building strong brands and achieving exceptional results.

These three lessons are only a snippet of all I have learned and experienced over the past six months in a digital agency. I have also fine-tuned my skills in darts, table tennis and made some great friends. Over all, I have had a great opportunity to develop myself as a marketer in an environment that challenges you to provide valuable and exceptional results for the customer, client, agency and yourself.

If you are interested in maximizing your brand’s potential through Performance Content or would like to join a team of industry experts and work for a digital leader, contact Performics today.

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