Flexible Paid Search Campaign Structure Key to Holiday Success

Posted by Dan Malachowski, Product Marketing Manager

One of the most important things you can do in preparation for the holiday rush is to make sure your paid search campaign structure is set up to be nimble and flexible.  During the holiday rush, you’re likely going to have to quickly push and pull to manage holiday inventory.  For instance, you may run out of a particular product and have to quickly pause keywords around that product.  On the other hand, you may have excess inventory that you need to rapidly promote to clear out warehouse space.  You’ll also have to quickly adjust bid strategies during the holidays because of CPC fluctuations due to increased competition.  In addition, you may have to swiftly execute copy adjustments to react to your competitors’ offers.

A flexible campaign structure allows you to be nimble to exploit conversion opportunities, preserve budget at the right times, increase relevancy to consumers and manage inventory.  While a flexible campaign structure is important all year round, it’s especially important during the holidays because you have to act fast in regard to the critical terms that are going to make or break your season.

To create a nimble campaign structure, it’s important to organize keywords into tight campaigns and ad groups.  Many search marketers will organize their campaigns by brand and generic terms, but you have to go much deeper than that.  For instance, if you’re selling pet supplies, create a bunch of campaigns around your product themes, such as: Dog Food, Dog Supplements, Dog Clothing, and Dog Toys, etc.  Then create various ad groups within each campaign.  For instance, the Dog Clothing campaign may have the ad groups: Dog Clothing_Sweaters, Dog Clothing_T-Shirts, Dog Clothing_Shoes, etc.  The tighter your campaigns and ad groups, the easier it is for you to quickly make bid, keyword or copy changes around a specific group of related keywords.

Another campaign structure holiday tip is to segment mission critical holiday terms from standard terms into a separate campaign to increase manageability.  Perhaps you have 20 terms that are your bread and butter and will likely drive the large majority of your holiday sales.  You need to manage those terms by the minute.  Segmenting them allows you optimal manageability.

Campaign structure is the foundation to a successful search campaign.  Focus on building your foundation now before the holiday rush.

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