Flighting Strategies for Search

Posted by Linda Khoshaba, Account Director

Why is the Super Bowl the most expensive ad buy? Impact. Smart advertisers will weight their quarterly/yearly ad budgets against the most impactful times for awareness and conversion a.k.a. flighting.  This requires marketers to know the seasonal impact points of their business and industry. If you are in the Flower business it is a no-brainer to flight during Valentine’s Day when impressions are elevated and the potential to reach consumers that are in all levels of the purchase funnel can be actualized. But what about industries that aren’t as straight forward such as an Outerwear retailer? Do you know the seasonal patterns for Hiking or Fly Fishing? You should.

Here are 5 guidelines for implementing a successful flighting strategy:

1.       Know your Business – Use free tools such as Google Insights to determine seasonal trends for individual keyword or categories.

2.       Evaluate Budgets Quarterly – Each quarter evaluate days, weeks, or months that budget will be weighted more heavily because of seasonality trends.

3.       Geo-Target – Do you know why Seattle is the No. 1 market in America for sunglasses per capita? Rainy Seattle? Since sunshine is less frequent, people have a habit of losing their sunglasses between uses and need to constantly buy new ones. Savvy marketers should take into account geo-trends and flight budget and tailor messaging to particular DMAs.

4.       Be Promotional – Be more aggressive with promotions and incentives during peak impact times.

5.       Get Creative – Don’t just flight during the obvious holidays. If you sell running gear research what cities are hosting major marathons and when. Flight your budget against these searches and convert that click!

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