Global Community Performance Day: Recap

Just two weeks ago, Performics staff in over 20 countries participated in our 6th Annual Performics Community Day. A special thanks not only to our employees who generously donated their time for projects and charities around the world, but to our Publicis Media colleagues for partnering with us and to all our sponsors for their generous donations.

From gardening to volunteering at animal shelters to donating items to charity drives, Performics employees impacted lives in local communities everywhere. Here’s a look at some of the places we traveled for Community Day:



Our Big Kitchen

Performics Australia team

Employees from the Performics Sydney visited a local community kitchen that provides support for local shelters and people in need. The team cooked 200 meals which fed 100 people. They also baked cookies to take to nurses at a local hospital.

“It was an amazing and rewarding day. We learned all about people in need within our community. We hope they enjoyed the food and cookies we made them.”  – Tom Rochford, SEO Executive





Donation Initiative

Performics China team

All across the Publicis Media offices in Beijing and Shanghai, employees participated in donating goods to people in the community. Employees collected household goods, toys, clothes and food to donate to River of Hearts, Healing Home and Roundabout. Over 50 large boxes of goods were generously donated.



Performics Denmark teamEmployees of Performics Netherlands had the opportunity to learn about fair trade coffee from Cameroon from the organization LiveBuild, a sustainable business that establishes the coffee trade business in local villages in Cameroon. Profits go towards the maintenance of water, education and healthcare systems in these villages. Ultimately, LiveBuild aims for sustainable growth.

Performics Netherlands participated in a workshop on sustainable coffee and learned from professional baristas about the best way to make coffee. Employees also learned how LiveBuild is working to setup a sustainable coffee economy. Throughout the day, employees visited many businesses to acquire business leads in the neighborhood. While pitching LiveBuild to community members, the team offered community members fresh coffee and cookies!

The whole event was pushed and promoted through social media. Altogether, the team managed to acquire some serious business leads and valuable learnings for LiveBuild to apply when selling their coffee to B2B.

“It was a great experience to learn more about integrating offline events with social media.” – Lisa Kong, Performance Marketing Consultant




Performics Germany teamThe Performics Germany team spent their day at the Alfred-Herrhausen-School for children with learning disabilities by planting flowers at the school. This initiative was meant to provide the children with a nicer learning environment and create a more welcoming school entrance.

Performics employees bought flower soil and different plants and beautified 15 m2 in front of the school. Employees also helped school children over the course of the day.

‘’Even though it was a very hot day, it felt good doing something charitable.” – Ersin Soyunmez, Manager SEA






Performics India teamContribute a “Good Deed a Day”

Performics India employees decided to contribute to the community by organizing a Community Day centered on the idea of contributing one small, good deed a day to give back to the community. Some of the “good deeds” our India teammates participated in were: car-pooling, blood donations, food donations, NGO support, animal care and financial assistance.





Senses Residential and Day Care for Special Needs

Employees from our MENA office were celebrating the holiday Ramadan during the Global Community Performance Day initiative; employees from MENA will soon be partaking with Senses Residential and Day Care in their Community Day initiative in the coming weeks.


Poland_Combined“Buy a Hot Dog – Help a Dog” Campaign

Volunteers from the Performics Poland office participated with Viva! Foundation and organized the 4th annual “Buy a Hot Dog – Help a Dog” (Wspomóż doda za hot-doga) campaign, where employees collected items needed at an animal shelter in Korabiewice. Employees served vegan food (burgers, burritos, waffles) in exchange for items needed in the shelter. Everyone who donated something for the shelter was given a voucher which could be exchanged for food!

Altogether, the team “sold” 800 portions of food – so the charity event attracted more than 800 people – and in exchange, 8775 PLN ($2,200 USD) and 57 kg of food for dogs was collected.

“Our charity action attracted a lot of kind and generous people who donated quite large amounts of money…Personal conviction that our activities will bring real help caused engagement. Some of us were even creating our own slogans to interest more people and to collect even more money. It was really fun, and it was pure pleasure to support the animal shelter!” – Julita Senczyno, Performance Director and Michał Iwański, Senior Technology Manager


Hotel Hope Ministries

Performics South Africa team

Employees from the Performics South Africa delivered nappies and baby formula to Hotel Hope Ministries, a foster home for orphaned and abandoned children based in Melville.

‘’The day was filled with laughter and smiles. Being a part of this experience made me realise the importance of giving no matter how small it is, and I intend on assisting where ever I can.’’ – Joy Diphoko, Content Media Intern


ANDE Foundation

Performics Spain teamOur Performics Spain team collaborated with the ANDE Foundation and the Randstad Foundation for Community Day. The team spent the day in the Warner Brothers Theme Park in Madrid where each teammate was partnered with a person with disabilities to support and help them throughout the day.


GZ Wipkingen

Performics Switzerland teamOur teammates in Performics Switzerland participated at the children’s GZ Wipkingen, or Wipkingen Community Center, for abandoned animals. The farm gives children the opportunity to properly handle and care for animals. GZ Wipkingen is managed by city children and supervised by a social worker, who is responsible for food and property maintenance.

Volunteers fed 12 guinea pigs with 4.40 pounds of fruits and vegetables, painted 48,000 cm2 wooden structures, chopped 150 blocks of wood, sanded 50,000 cm2 of wood for children’s play structures, laid 12 slabs of concrete and more!


Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

Performics Taiwan teamThe Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) was founded in 1938 to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families by providing financial support and protection. The Performics Taiwan team prepared 100 kilograms of rice, 100 packs of Nestle Milo drink powder and 100 packs of 3M Scotch-Brite. The employees also collected second-hand items such as clothes, toys, stationary and other items for donation.



Ronald McDonald House

Atlanta 1The Performics Atlanta team volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house where they prepared breakfast for all of the families that were staying in the house.






Anixter Center

Performics team at Anixter CenterEmployees volunteered at the Anixter Center where employees painted walls in two rooms, painted two different murals, cleaned four different computer labs and libraries, played bingo and made crafts with 50+ Anixter clients.

“Knowing that we were able to help the Center clean and paint rooms that haven’t been in months and years, as well as entertain clients who do not get a lot of social interaction, made us feel as if we were positively impacting the community.” – Samantha Gerich, Media Manager



Carole Robertson Center for Learning

Performics team at the CRCLVolunteers visited the Carole Robertson Center for Learning in Lawndale. Volunteers worked with about six different classrooms, assisting with story time, circle time and outdoor recess. Some employees also reorganized the library, cleaning and sorting through ten bookcases of books for children and adults.

“This is the best day of the year for so many of us! The kids were all really curious and thoughtful and getting to hang out with them was a lot of fun. The day never felt like work because of how fun it was. It was also particularly rewarding to clean up their library to help the kids throughout the year in their quests for knowledge.” – Caitlin Hanson, Content Specialist

Catholic Charities

Performics team at Catholic CharitiesEmployees participated at a Catholic Charities event. The team served as an assembly line, putting together meal kits for seniors in the Chicagoland area. Employees unloaded boxes of food while others ran the unloaded piles of food to the assembly team. The final group assembled and packed the meals for delivery. By the end of the day, we had made 1,015 meals.

“The time we spent on Friday will make a difference in the lives of many elderly Chicagoans across the city” – Matt Mansour, Vice President of Client Solutions

“Our team of volunteers was excellent. Each individual took on a critical role in the meal assembly process and quickly moved between tasks to maximize our time with Catholic Charities.” – Ryan Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Performance Services





Erie Neighborhood House

Performics team at Erie Neighborhood HouseEmployees from Performics and United Way volunteered at Erie Neighborhood House for a day. Volunteers spent the day planting gardens, landscaping and cleaning a playground.

Primarily, volunteers helped improve the areas used for early childhood education, which is one of the services Erie Neighborhood House provides for low-income families in the Chicagoland area.







YMCA – McCormick/Tribune

Performics team at YMCA McCormick TribuneEmployees that volunteered at the YMCA McCormick/Tribune location helped create a chicken run, painted garden beds, sanded and stained benches, painted entry ways and organized the shed and basement.









YMCA – Kelly Hall

Performics team at YMCA Kelly HallEmployees that volunteered at the YMCA Kelly Hall location were split into two groups – one group stained the inner part of the fence (facing the parking lot) and then weeded the outside section of it in order to stain it as well. The other group cleaned up a playground by weeding, cleaning and painting the benches there. After most of the work was completed, several members of the team played with the summer camp children in the gym and outside.

“It feels good to see that any effort made by our volunteers can have a huge impact on the children’s days at Kelly Hall YMCA. Would definitely do it again!” – Julia Gutnik, Media Manager

Youth Outreach Services

Performics team at Youth Outreach ServicesVolunteers, including representatives from Bing and Yahoo, participated for Youth Outreach Services at the Austin Community Garden. Volunteers spent the day building garden planters, installing an irrigation system, cleaning away debris and packing snack bags for youths who lack a safe environment and/or have entered the juvenile detention system.

This particular Youth Outreach Services branch focuses upon recidivism, providing teenagers with counseling, professional skills tutoring and paying jobs during the summer maintaining the garden.


Chicago Youth Centers – ABC

Performics team at Chicago Youth CentersEmployees visited the Chicago Youth Center in North Lawndale for the day. The center supports nearly 400 children and teens each year to help them reach their full potential – academically, socially and professionally – through programs including early Childhood Education, School-Age Child Development and Teen Leadership Development. The Sunshine Youth Garden, located at ABC Polk Brothers, was recently awarded with the President’s Environmental Youth Award and invited to an award ceremony in Washington D.C. This award honors creative environmental projects developed and implemented by K-12 students. The center is seeking funds to help pay for the trip so some youth and adults can attend the event at the White House.

Altogether, the team decorated over ten bulletin boards, cleaned and mopped the entire building and cleaned up the center’s garden.

Dress for Success

Performics team at Dress for SuccessEmployees sorted donations (suits, professional wear, shoes, purses and accessories), organized the merchandise room and restocked the floor clothes rack for clients to peruse and pick outfits for their interviews and work environment.









Casa Central – La Posada

Performics team at Casa Central La PosadaLa Posada’s main goal is to restore and stabilize families who are experiencing homelessness by providing interim housing for up to 120 days.

Volunteers organized and cleaned the “boutique,” a repository for clothing, toys and houseware for families of La Posada and the community. Volunteers also organized and engaged in a sidewalk giveaway, where passersby could pick up clothing, toys and houseware for free.

“We are so often exposed to global causes seeking our support that we sometimes forget that support is also needed in our local communities. I’m thankful for Community Day and the thoughtful reminder it has provided me. I’m inspired to contribute time more regularly and more locally!” – Brian Flores, Training Manager

Gary Comer Youth Center

Performics team at the Gary Comer Youth CenterPerformics employees, along with six community members, volunteered at the Gary Comer Youth Center where they participated in gardening and painting fences.






Los Angeles

Performics team at Venice BeachVenice Beach Clean-Up

The Performics Los Angeles team joined forces with Publicis Media colleagues and Bing employees to clean up Venice Beach.

This initiative was well-received by the community and the team received a number of compliments.

 “Venice Beach is impressively clean!”







New York

Performics team at the New York Mission SocietyNew York Mission Society

Our New York employees volunteered at the New York Mission Society in Harlem, which improves the lives of children, youth and families in New York City’s most under-served communities. The team collaborated to paint gymnasium walls, shelving and doors and to clean the stage, mirrors and other spaces. They also helped with other small projects, such as moving boxes and chairs. Overall, the operations lead at the facility said the team’s work helped accomplish about four days of what would have been his own work.

“Volunteer Day is always so much fun and a rewarding experience for everyone! After experiencing my third Performics volunteer day, I can safely say that this is a day I look forward to every year, no matter what the activity. This year, I had a lot of fun painting shelving with my teammates; we had a great time doing it and I felt like we really helped out.” –Jamie Kahn, Media Manager





Castlehaven Community

Performics UK at Castlehaven CommunityEmployees from the Performics UK office took part in Community Day. Volunteers spent a sunny afternoon at Castlehaven Community Association near the London office. One group of green-fingered volunteers got out the gardening tools and tidied up the local park, hoeing the borders and building sturdy shelves. Another group played a football match against members of the Camden Disability Football Club, while others held a tea party and played board games with elderly local people. In true British style, the team ended the afternoon in the pub! A good time was had by all and staff at the association thanked the team for all the hard work.

“Unfortunately I wasn’t able to lead my team into victory but they all enjoyed themselves and the final score of 4-4 reflected what an intense game it was.” –Abi Ravichandiran, Account Assistant & Performics FC Team Coach

Castlehaven Community Association, our charity partners, have stated: “We had the fantastic Performics team at Castlehaven and we got so much done! Big thanks to everyone involved, from gardening to football and Scrabble, Monopoly and Jenga. And the sun was shining – what an amazing way to end the week!”


Other countries that participated in Global Community Performance Day but are not pictured were: Canada, Colombia, Germany (Berlin), Japan, Indonesia, Portugal and Sweden.

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