Google Introduces Candidate Cards for 2016 Presidential Election

Post by Michelle Pantoja, SEO Analyst

Google recently unleashed a new feature to manage the information overload that occurs with presidential elections. According to Google’s Official Blog, Google has partnered with Fox News to deliver verbatim search results from candidates. During live debates, users are actively searching candidates and their positions on issues. Because there’s such a peak in interest during these televised events, Google is seeking to quickly surface information to users to deliver upon consumer intent, in the moment (e.g. searchers don’t have to dig through sites or search results to find what they want). Google will be a key feature throughout the 2016 presidential election. Candidate cards will be useful for debates, primary information and Getting out the Vote (GOTV) initiatives.

Political Candidate Cards

Image courtesy of Google


Debates are timed, rehearsed and sometimes unorganized. Candidates aren’t able to address all their stances on controversial issues during a debate. Users can search a candidate’s name and/or specific issues to activate the feature. Google’s candidate cards enable the public to have all the information necessary to make informed decisions.


Google is seeking to promote voter participation with alerts and advanced targeting options. The Google Now app will remind users to vote and will include election dates for state primaries along with directions to the nearest polling location.


Google provides real-time election results as users search for “primary results.” Google Trends includes candidate information, as well as post-event analysis for debates, caucuses and more. The data includes keyword rankings, top questions from debates, interactive maps segmented into counties, most searched issues and more.

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