Google +Post Ads: A New Opportunity to Amplify G+ Content & Engage Participants across the Web

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April 21, 2014
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April 25, 2014

Google +Post Ads: A New Opportunity to Amplify G+ Content & Engage Participants across the Web

Google is bringing new meaning to the concept of engaging ads with +Posts.  +Posts ads don’t run on Google+.  Rather, the ads repurpose organic content (videos, Hangouts, images) from a brand’s Google+ channel and deliver it via lightbox display ads to a much larger channel: the Google Display Network (GDN) (which encompasses 2 million sites).  Announced at the end of 2013, +Posts blur the line between social and display and provide a new way for advertisers to directly interact with their customers—within ads—at the right time and place. PERFORMANCE IMPLICATIONS Paid, Owned, Earned Convergence Most significantly, +Post ads combine the reach of the GDN with the interactivity of Google+.  Users who see +Post ads on the GDN can interact with the ads in the form of reading the latest comments, joining in the conversation, asking questions, watching videos/Hangouts or sharing with friends.  At Performics, we’ve found that performance peaks at the convergence of paid, owned and earned content.  +Post ads sit directly within this convergence—brands’ owned Google+ content transforms into paid GDN ads that incorporate real-time earned elements, like real-time conversation. Google + posts Additionally, the ability for users to interact with brands’ personas through +Post ads can build trust between the participants and brands (e.g. answering specific questions that users might have).  +Posts expand to show user comments and brand responses; additional viewers will see this interaction and perhaps become loyal brand followers themselves. Consistency To achieve ultimate performance, paid, owned and earned assets must also work together in harmony.  Often, distributing multiple messages across different channels or platforms (e.g. search, social and display) causes advertisers to struggle with consistent personality and brand voice.  But with +Post ads, brands can more easily align social content (Google+) with display content (GDN) to create consistency in messaging to better engage participants, who move fluidly across these channels. Visibility Google hasn’t yet seen the adoption rate on Google+ necessary to make it a viable Facebook competitor. However, Google+ does feature a multitude of engagement opportunities for advertisers, including Shoppable Hangouts, Google+ Local, imagery, video, communities and hashtags.  +Post ads now enable advertisers to take the best of Google+ and evangelize it to people outside Google+ on the GDN.  True to traditional display ads, +Posts also have the following targeting capabilities:

  • Demographics: Show ads based on user  gender and age
  • Affinity Segments: Going beyond demographic targeting, advertisers can target users who have expressed a qualified interest in a particular topic
  • Contextual Targeting: Implement keywords, or choose from 7,500+ topics related to your brand’s product or service

Brands that have utilized +Post ads in the early stages are seeing significant performance increases compared to the industry average for other rich media ads, including expansion rates of 50% higher. For more info on Google +Post ads, please contact your Performics Account Team today

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