Google’s Wonder Wheel

Posted by Andy Murray, Account Director

Google’s new “Wonder Wheel” tool offers searchers a new and different visualization of related search terms.  If you perform a search on Google and then click on the “Show options” link, you’ll be given an option in the left navigation at the bottom to see the Wonder Wheel for your search: Wonder wheel 1 

Wonder wheel 2 

For searchers, the Wheel gives the option to explore related search terms in the wheel visual.  If you click on one of the related terms, a new wheel is created with the new term in the center.  Search results are displayed for that term to the right of the wheel.

Wheel 3

Giving searchers the ability to visualize related search terms more easily and pare down search result possibilities into a more relevant and defined list also helps them find what they’re looking for more easily.  The Wheel aids searchers in getting ideas on related topics of interest or research, recommends search queries to enhance the search, and allows users to explore the network of inter-related queries.

For advertisers, the Wheel has applications that range from keyword research to competitive comparisons.  It can also be used to explore themed groupings of keywords.  The Wheel aids paid search advertisers in finding queries that the engines associate with their brand keywords.  It also helps reduce spend and increase traffic by finding frequently-searched terms that are associated with more expensive general terms.

 In addition, advertisers can use the Wonder Wheel for keyword research when evaluating page content for natural search optimization.  Using related keywords on your page (or a number of linked pages) will allow Google to easily evaluate and associate themes to the pages within your site.

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