Highlights from Mary Meeker’s Most Recent KPCB Global Internet Trends Presentation

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Highlights from Mary Meeker’s Most Recent KPCB Global Internet Trends Presentation

Post by Michael Kahn, CEO, Performics Worldwide & Performance Global Practice Lead, Publicis Media

For many years now, Mary Meeker, an acknowledged internet industry expert, has produced a deep dive review of internet trends impacting our space from around the world. The latest report just arrived and included the following highlights:

  1. Global Internet Trends:
    • Internet user growth is slowing to around 9% YoY with total usage at around 3 billion users
    • India is the exception to the rule with annual growth of 40%; it recently passed the US to become number 2 to China in total users
    • Smart phone user growth and shipments are slowing down as well with unit shipments projected to grow only 10% this year
    • After years of rapid expansion, we are entering a maturing environment when it comes to new internet user growth
  2. Global Macros Trends
    • Global economic growth is slowing
    • Global population growth is slowing
    • Life expectancy is increasing
    • Years of easy growth are behind us; and now, may the best brands/marketers/models win!
  3. Advertising/Commerce + Brand Trends
    • Internet advertising continues to grow at an accelerated pace
    • Advertiser investment in traditional/legacy media is still over-indexed versus time spent by consumers by medium and online
    • Commerce and retailing are being redefined by technology, media and distribution >>> moving from the physical to ecommerce to commerce-enablement everywhere
    • Millennials are and will continue to drive major trends regarding ad blocking adoption, media consumption, mobility, video and image usage, alternative search and all forms of commerce

These are just some of the rich observations included in this powerful report which also provides perspectives on technology and transportation, China’s growing internet innovation influence and the changing face of company power based on the power of the internet economy.

Here is a link to the full report for your viewing pleasure and usage.

Hope your May was magnificent!



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