How Tiger Woods Would Manage an SEO Campaign

Posted by Dan Malachowski, Product Marketing Manager (Natural Search)

Last week, Tiger Woods staged a tremendous victory in 5 rounds at the US Open.  Because of his knee, Tiger had his back to the wall a few times, but delivered in clutch fashion every time he needed to.  This got me thinking about how Tiger would manage a natural search optimization campaign:

·         If Tiger wanted to rank #1 for a keyword, everybody else better watch out.  Tiger is not only the #1 golfer in the world, but he is so far ahead of #2 Phil Mickelson that it is ridiculous.  Tiger is like a OneBox result, Phil ranks on page 8, and nobody else ranks in between.  People searching for keywords contained in Tiger’s campaign would basically have no other choice but to click on his result, unless they want to scroll to page 8.

·         Tiger can build incoming links like nobody’s business by creating unbelievably compelling content.  Even if you’re not a Tiger fan, it was impossible not to watch him try to force a Playoff on the last hole Sunday afternoon.  How many people just knew he was going to make that putt and were texting their friends to turn on their TVs immediately?  Tiger just has that innate ability to get people linking to his content.

·         When one facet of Tiger’s game is suffering, other facets of his game make up for it.  In the US Open, he drove the ball a little erratically at times, but evened things out with some unheard of long-putting.  If Tiger’s keywords happen to fall out of the traditional first page natural search results, you can bet your Buick he’s dominating the news, image and local results.

·         Tiger steps up his game in Majors.  This means during Back to School Season and Holiday Season.  Who else would you want managing your natural search campaign at the most critical of junctures?  How about the most clutch player of all time?

·         Tiger takes keyword research seriously.  He knows a consistent methodology stemming from countless hours of practice is the key to success.  That way, when he’s in the heat of competition, he has the strong foundation he needs to drive conversions.

·         What will Tiger do next?  The search engines spiders need to know, that’s why they’re constantly indexing his pages.  The crawlers will even go through Java Script functions to see what Tiger has in store for searchers.  Entrusting your natural search campaign to Tiger is a sure-fire way to get indexed, no matter the architecture of your site!

While Jack Nicklaus may still have the age of domain, I’d put my money on Tiger Woods to manage my natural search engine optimization campaign any day.

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