Include Price Points in Paid Search Copy to Boost Conversions

Posted by Jennifer Kaiser, Account Manager

Continuous paid search copy testing is one of the best ways to maximize click-through and conversion rates.  Through copy testing, Performics has learned that conversion rates can be significantly boosted by including product price points in the copy.  Copy that highlights a price point generally outperforms copy that does not. 

When including price points in your copy, you must make sure you’re highlighting a more aggressive offer than your competitors on a specific high volume product.  For instance, if your competitor is promoting a product with $29.95 paid search text and you’re promoting the same product for $35.95, you’re going to lose clicks and conversions to that competitor.  Therefore, you must continually monitor your competitors’ promotions on the SERP.  Carefully monitoring that competitor’s offer will alert you to lower your product price point in your copy so that you can compete.  If you can’t go with a price point lower than the competitor, you should pull the price point out of the copy in favor of a different call to action, perhaps one that stresses value, not price.

When you’re able to go with a lower price point than your competitor, significant increases can be achieved in terms of conversions and paid search efficiency.  For one Performics’ client, we saw conversions increase 58% by incorporating this strategy for specific high volume products.  This allowed paid search efficiency to increase by 25% month over month for the overall account. 

Competitive monitoring, coupled with highlighting aggressive price points in the copy, can really influence the bottom line of a program, especially during highly competitive seasons like back to school and holiday.

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