Increase Visibility Through Location Extensions With Multiple Addresses

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June 18, 2013
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June 20, 2013

Increase Visibility Through Location Extensions With Multiple Addresses

Posted by Lola Olateju, Content Marketing Specialist As searchers increasingly seek out local content, brick-and-mortar locations should deploy local search strategies to help drive traffic to their physical stores. One new Google feature to take advantage of is Location Extensions with Multiple Addresses. This ad format allows you to list multiple relevant locations of your stores in a particular area. Why should you take advantage of this feature? Here are a few highlighted benefits: 1. Increase chances for your participant base to find their ideal location. 2. Capitalize on location information and drive in-store sales. A recent Performics study, shows that that after looking up a business on their mobile device, 59% of searchers will visit the location. In your ad, you can add specific contact information per location. 3. Engage both potential and current business. For example, as a local auto dealer, you have an opportunity to leverage your relationship with current auto owners. Current owners are an important source for dealers to share car services such as parts and maintenance, as well as retain brand loyalty. Google provided example location extensions 1                 With the recent Google Enhanced Campaigns changes that increase bid modifiers depending on targeted locations, local retailers will have the ability to bid more aggressively for participants closer to their stores, across devices. We have seen that 40% of mobile searches carry a local intent. Now, more than ever, local retailers should ensure they should take all steps necessary to optimize their mobile campaigns to drive desired participant actions and higher conversions.

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