Increasing Paid Search Efficiency with Google Broad Match Modifier

Posted by David Langert, Associate Account Manager

Broad Match Modifier (BMM) is a new Google AdWords keyword match type that enables advertisers to build keywords with more reach than phrase or exact match, but more relevancy than broad match.  BMM essentially bridges the gap between phrase/exact match and broad match keywords and helps advertisers improve ROI.  For example, the keyword “sony cybershot” on exact match will show only when a user searchers specifically on “sony cybershot.”  But the “sony cybershot” keyword on Broad Match Modifier will also show on plurals and misspellings like “sony cybershots” or “sony cybershoot.”   BMM thus enables the advertiser to pick up plurals and misspellings without having to put the keyword on broad match.

To enable BMM, use a “+” sign in front of the keyword terms you want to modify.  Not all terms within a keyword need to have the “+” sign.  Words with the “+” sign (or their plurals or misspellings) must be included in the search query in order for the ad to show.  Like phrase and exact match, synonyms for BMM keywords will not show.  Like broad match, keywords can appear in any order and may have additional search terms surrounding them.

Using BMM for a large multi-channel retailer’s broad match terms, Performics has seen lower volume, but increased efficiency across all paid search metrics.  For instance, click-through-rate (CTR) increased 32% for keywords put on BMM, conversion rate increase 84%, average cost-per-click (CPC) decreased 25%, average position improved 8%, and earned revenue share (ERS) improved 57%.

We recommend using Broad Match Modifier—for the most part—in tandem with broad match.  Other BMM uses include:

  • Replacing inefficient broad match keywords with BMM
  • Putting phrase/exact match terms on BMM to increase volume during seasonal flighting periods
  • Using BMM for keywords where negative volume is either high or difficult to manage

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