Initial Paid Search Data Takeaways from the Bing/Yahoo! Migration

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October 18, 2010
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October 26, 2010

Initial Paid Search Data Takeaways from the Bing/Yahoo! Migration

Posted by Dan Parks, Senior Analyst, Data & Analytics

At Performics, we’ve been tracking and evaluating the Bing/Yahoo! paid search migration.  We thought we’d share some initial takeaways from our own data for the first week:

  • On October 15th and 16th, approximately 60% of click traffic was running on Microsoft AdCenter (up from approximately 30% prior to the migration start)
  • 55-60% of spend is now running though AdCenter
  • A lower amount of impression volume is running through AdCenter (approximately 40%), suggesting that Bing is maintaining relatively higher click through rates when compared to Yahoo!, or that a stronger mix of brand terms have migrated first
  • The percentage of impressions, clicks and spend varies by advertiser
  • Aggregate CPCs increased during the first few days of the migration, but they've come back down to normal seasonal expectations over the last few days
  • Conversion rates also dipped over the last couple of days, but this could also be an impact of seasonality/day of week.  We'll watch this over a longer period before making any conclusions about the impact of the migration.

Bing yahoo 

Next steps for marketers to manage performance during the transition include:

  • Monitoring performance closely on both Bing and Yahoo!
  • Setting up variance reports by campaign and for top keywords evaluating changes day over day, week over week and by day of week.  At Performics, we do this through our Campaigns on Demand (CoD) Automated Goal Manager, which enables rules and alerts across programs with hundreds of thousands of keywords.  We’re using customizable alert templates to monitor changes in performance throughout the migration, thus enabling quick reaction to changes.
  • Don't over-steer.  Benchmark aggregate Bing/Yahoo! performance changes against Google to understand if any major changes are a result of seasonal/external changes or the Bing/Yahoo! migration.

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