Intent Lab: Study Uncovers ‘Smart Remarketing’ Tips to Improve Personalization

Remarketing is a mixed bag for brands and consumers. Roughly 40% of shoppers dislike the practice, but research from The Intent Lab, a research partnership between Performics and Northwestern University, offers a good roadmap for maximizing effectiveness and driving conversion.

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Brands need to be smart about their remarketing campaigns or risk alienating shoppers, according to the Intent Lab study. The tactic absolutely works to convert browsers into buyers—23% of respondents who encountered were served a message about something they viewed but didn’t buy said they purchased the product—but consumers are getting savvier about how they respond and are taking steps to avoid receiving unwanted messaging.

Approximately 34% of survey respondents like remarketing to some degree while 37% dislike it (31% were neutral). Preferences vary by product category with 37% and 35% of respondents saying they enjoyed remarketing in the apparel and electronics categories, respectively. But only 6% were accepting of the practice from financial institutions, where privacy and security concerns come into play.

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