July Gem Award: Archie Reyes, Process Manager, Performance Media

Archie Reyes

Why Archie is our July Gem:

Nominated by Josh Roland, VP/GMD, Performance Media

Archie came to Performics in January 2016 to accelerate the work of the existing Performance Media Operations team, dive deeper into process challenges, and deliver solutions to streamline tasks.

On Archie’s first day, one thing stood out to me: as we walked around the office and I explained the departments, Archie hammered me with questions about everything our agency does, how teams and departments work together, and how I see the future of the agency progressing. I knew from that moment that Archie was here to drive improvement in the way we do business.

From that day on, Archie has single-handedly sent Performance Media Operations on a rocket ship ride.  In the first two weeks he evaluated, redesigned and redeployed one of the Performance Media Operations processes all on his own, showcasing his web development and user experience skills. Since then, he has built robust, user-friendly process pages for Search, Social, Display, Feeds, Training, Certifications, QA, and provided an avenue for teams to send the Operations team their best practices for more effective sharing.

In each of these areas, Archie has curated existing material and developed new more effective processes to ensure that the Media teams have the tools necessary to work though their business efficiently. Additionally, Archie has taken it upon himself to meet with various people in the agency to get their perspective on areas that could use improvement.

Every person who has mentioned Archie has described him as “incredible, exceptional, great, really helpful, unbelievable, and amazing.” He has a deep-seeded desire to deliver solutions, a desire that goes far beyond any development plan. For every project that we task Archie with, he delivers excellence. Archie does all of this not because it is his role, but because he is driven to succeed, and that’s the type of personality that inspires others to want to drive improvement within the business.

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