July Gem Award: Leah Cobarrubias, Technical Account Manager, Analytics

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September 3, 2015
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July Gem Award: Leah Cobarrubias, Technical Account Manager, Analytics


leah gem awardWhy Leah is our July Gem:

Nominated by Angela Voutsos Arnfelt, Media Director, Performance Media

For the past several months, Leah has helped a client team through a myriad of tagging issues. The team has taken on multiple lines of business over the past year, and has been tasked with tagging the site via the clients’ web developers, which would not have been possible without Leah. She has been the go-to for Performics’ own tagging questions, our clients tagging questions, and even our clients’ web developer vendors tagging questions!

Leah has consistently shown her “drive for performance” by helping QA various tags as they go live and clearing up the inevitable confusion that arises with this subject. Team members have had to ask Leah so many questions over the past few months that they actually came to begin every email with “Sorry Leah,” instead of the usual “Hi Leah.”

Thanks to Leah’s patience and dedication to sharing her knowledge, the Performance Media team can successfully optimize for action, knowing that they are properly tracking all of the variables necessary.

Leah’s Gift Selection:

American Express Gift Card

About The Gem Award:

Performics Gem award is a peer-to-peer employee recognition program within Performics U.S. that recognizes outstanding performers who embody Performics mantra: Motivate participation, drive performance and optimize for action. Launched in January 2015, Performics selects one “Gem” each month based on peer nomination to receive a personalized gift valued at $1,200.

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