Keeping a Pulse on Google’s “Mobilegeddon” Mobile Algorithm Update: Performance Impact to Date

Post by Erik Bergstrom, SEO Analyst

Performics has been closely monitoring the impact of Google’s mobile algorithm update on April 21st, informally referred to as “Mobilegeddon.” Google now takes mobile friendliness and app indexation (full mobile changes outlined here) into account in organic search rankings. In preparation for this update, we helped our clients ensure they were mobile-ready. Keeping a pulse on performance, we tracked changes in keyword rankings and mobile traffic post-update for a sample of our clients.


To start, we looked at changes in mobile keyword rank that occurred for a month before, and then after the update went live. We took a sample of five clients across different industries to observe if there was significant loss (or gain) to the optimized keywords we have been tracking:

mobile 1

With an initial look at performance, it seems as if this update had an immediate colossal impact on rankings. However, this decrease began before April 21st and cannot be properly attributed to the update, as we’re more likely to see a decrease over time rather than an immediate drop off. This slight drop in percentage change was purely coincidental as it resurfaced back to original position pre-April 21st. From this initial glance, real impact on keyword rank cannot be determined as the average percentage change doesn’t decrease after April 21st.

To further our research, Performics looked at the average percentage change in mobile traffic to ten clients across a variety of industries to examine if organic traffic was effected. Once again, the same result was observed:

mobile 2

The trend in this graph doesn’t change around the date highlighted in red, nor after it. In fact, as shown by the trend line in black, the upward trend continues through the update launch date and is seemingly unaffected.


So what impact did the update have so far? Google stated it would take a couple weeks for any large impact to be seen. Three weeks later, we’re seeing no negative impact on traffic or keyword rankings for our sampled clients. It’s still early to definitively attribute any negative progress tied specifically to the update, however Search Engine Land did outline some early winners and losers among popular sites across the web. As for Performics, we can say that we are seeing little to no signs of the impact on our end; however we will continue to report on any future changes in performance.

If you’re still unsure if your website has been affected, or if you’re concerned about your site’s mobile experience, we recommend utilizing Google’s many tools such as its Mobile-Friendly Testing tool, PageSpeed Insights or the Mobile Usability Report in Google Webmaster Tools.

For more info on Google’s “Mobilegeddon” update, please contact your performance account team today.

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