Leveraging Online and Offline Media: Whitepaper Insights

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August 3, 2016
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Leveraging Online and Offline Media: Whitepaper Insights

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With insights from Laure Debos, Analytics, Research & Insights Director, Publicis Media France

View our latest whitepaper: Multichannel Attribution, Contribution & Optimisation

Performics has developed a whitepaper on Multichannel Attribution, Contribution & Optimisation in partnership with the Electronic Business Group (EBG) Task Force. In the second chapter, we uncover the importance of coordinating online and offline media.

There’s a longstanding culture of measurement in the offline world that is solidly rooted in the existing practices. However, it isn’t about measuring contribution and buying performances, it’s about purchasing target audiences. Offline touchpoints are mainly driving awareness and branding while digital is very effective at generating business. Going forward, brands are seeking ways to incorporate Offline and Online channels as well as Branding and Business KPIs for better conversion rates and efficiency.

In the second chapter of the whitepaper, Laure Debos, Analytics, Research & Insights Director at Publicis Media, discusses the main differentiators between Online and Offline media, some of them being units of measurement, remuneration, timeframe strategies and more. Additionally, Debos discusses the importance of econometrics, how it works and its relevancy in today’s digital age.

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