Leveraging SEO Keywords on Social Media

Post by Caitlin Hanson, Performance Content Specialist

Social signals can play a role in helping brands improve their organic search rankings. Therefore, to improve search engine optimization for our clients, we leverage SEO tactics for social media posts. Using targeted keywords for clients’ social media accounts, we seek to increase rank for the corresponding website pages. To illustrate, we use data from BrightEdge and Google Trends to find keywords to target on Facebook and Twitter to boost traffic to the keywords’ assigned preferred landing pages. For one client, this meant a majority of keyword mentions improved in rank between April and August of 2015.

A snapshot of this change:

Keyword April 20 Rank Rank Change August 20 Rank Search Volume
A >100 78 23 148000
B >100 75 26 2900
C >100 75 26 590
D >100 74 27 1000
E >100 45 56 1900

From April to August, we created 84 Tweets and 42 Facebook posts. Posts used trending opportunity keywords that had potential to grow. This resulted in a rank increase of 89% for keywords tweeted and posted.

Performics can use this same technique for many other clients to increase traffic and rank on a number of trending opportunity keywords across social media, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. As we test keywords, we have a better understanding of how and which keywords have a stronger impact.

We’re continually gathering more information on which terms users are searching in order to make updates to the keyword set we’re targeting. By tracking these insights, we can also uncover the motivation behind each click: do they have intent to purchase, are they solely gathering information, are they looking for coupons, etc.? This perspective allows us to pinpoint even more specific and impactful keywords each week, raising our clients’ rankings and traffic.

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