Leveraging the Data-Driven Attribution Model

Post by Gerard Fabregas, Senior Search Executive


Data-Driven Attribution is different from any other attribution model because it’s not rule-based. While rule-based attribution models give credit to touchpoints depending on their position within the conversion path, Data-Driven Attribution looks at historical data and assigns more credit to the touchpoints that had the greatest impact within the conversion path.

Whether leveraging Data-Attribution in AdWords or looking at Google Analytics’ cross-channel funnels, this model will continually analyze the customer journey of every user (converters and non-converters) and assign values to each touchpoint depending on the impact within every journey. For example, if there’s one campaign/channel that drives a conversion every time a customer is “touched” through it, Data-Driven will assign more credit to it than it would to other campaigns/channels that do not drive as many conversions.


Data-Driven helps brands understand the multi-channel funnel in a more efficient way by providing cross-channel performance-based data. This data will allow marketers to allocate their budget and efforts into the most efficient channels. If a business only advertises in Search, AdWords will provide it with this same data at the campaign level to optimize towards the campaigns and keywords that perform better.

How do I compare my current Attribution Model to Data-Driven?

Within the conversions report in the standard version of Google Analytics, there’s a sub-report called Model Comparison. This tools helps marketers to understand which channels drive more conversions across different attribution models. The most commonly used comparison is Last Click vs. Data-Driven. Depending on the type of product and channels used, each business will see different outcomes. Model Comparison looks like this within Google Analytics:


And in AdWords, Attribution Modeling looks like this:


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