Linkbait by Sam Battin: 6 Tips on SEO for Twitter

Posted by Sam Battin, Senior Natural Search Specialist

This week I’ll be trying a new format for the Performics blog. As usual, I’ll be providing you with helpful ideas to improve your company’s search profile, but in an effort to improve the number of inbound links to this article I’ll format my recommendations as a list and include pictures of embarrassed cats directly alongside each item. The cat pictures are meant to represent how embarrassed they are for Twitter users who aren’t making the most out of their accounts, or something like that. Without further ado, here’s the article:

Twitter: it’s not going away. The number of users posting on Twitter during the recent Presidential debate hit a record of 10.3 million. Those would be fantastic numbers for any television show, but for an unplanned, spontaneous online gathering that’s spectacular. Twitter promises and delivers a participatory experience that’s being enjoyed by greater and greater numbers of people.

So if you’re running a business and you’re thinking about using Twitter to improve your SEO profile, here are six essential tips to consider, as well as six pictures of embarrassed cats!

1. Cat1

You absolutely must have a mobile version of your site. If you hope to engage visitors who are following tweeted links to your site, it will prove invaluable to greet your visitors with content that is accurately formatted for their browser. Millions of people use Twitter from their mobile phones, and what new visitors absolutely do not want to do is wait for the desktop PC version of your site to slowly download onto their 640×400 browsers. As Twitter grows, the more likely it will be that mobile users will follow Twitter links to your site, so be prepared!

2. Cat2

If you have a Twitter account for your business and you are tweeting links to your site, track how often visitors are following those links. The behavior of visitors when they follow a Twitter link to your site is a valuable source of information, as it can tell you which links get followed the most, which are the most popular browsers for your Twitter users, and other data you can collate to maximize your connections with your customers.
3.  Cat3
Credit: Catster

Hash tags can be used like META data to include your tweets into a larger context. Consider developing unique hash tags for your business and focus on integrating those into relevant tweets. Get to know the different communities that employ these hash tags and make sure what you’re saying fits their expectations.

4.  Cat4
Credit: UpsidedownCats

Consider re-tweeting. It can be a good tactical tool to re-broadcast information that is useful to your customer base, as it demonstrates to your potential Twitter followers that your posts consistently provide value. The quality of information available on your Twitter feed can help further differentiate your brand from your competitors, as well as build awareness and loyalty.

5.  Cat5
If you’re posting photos on your feed, be SEO-aware. Keep your photos in an even height-to-width ratio (e.g. square). This will ensure your photos will please your followers who are using mobile browsers. Impress your visitors further by not posting links to gigantic photos with odd proportions. Finally, improve your image search visibility by including a descriptive file name for each photo before uploading.

6.  Cat6
For advanced users: If you know what Twitter Lists are, consider making your Twitter list public. As in tip #4 above, your customers will think well of you when you position yourself as a useful resource. Assembling a public Twitter list for your feed that’s useful to your followers provides additional value.

That’s it for this edition of Linkbait! If you liked this post, or if you like cats who have been embarrassed, please re-tweet, link, thumbs-up and follow however you can! Thanks!

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