Mobile’s Great Expectations: Part 4, Capturing the Future

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April 20, 2009
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Mobile’s Great Expectations: Part 4, Capturing the Future

Posted by Paul Williams, Search Analyst (Natural Search)

Over the past several weeks, I have written several posts on mobile. Despite all of the innovations and implications of the rise of mobile, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: natural search. Web sites that aren’t accessed through their APIs still need to be found (and for that matter, relevant applications still need to be found, too). Since so many mobile versions of search engine sites— and several search applications like Google Mobile and Inquisitor— have not yet implemented paid search, the value for natural search optimization is just as important, albeit in slightly different ways.

The need for new content creation that caters to this rising class of Internet users is increasingly apparent. Sure, several mobile users will access their favorite sites via spiffy applications that take advantage of their handsets, but they will still have the incentive to search the Internet as they did before. And if your Web site is a solution to a searcher’s inquiry, but no mobile content is available (or the page in question is designed strictly for PC browsers), that potential customer is forfeited.  In a sense, alternative mobile sites will become just as imperative as creating parallel navigation for Flash-only sites. Additionally, these pages’ reliance on optimized and actionable tags (for aggregation on SERPs) will determine the usefulness of that site to a newly fickle wave of searchers’ intents.

It shouldn’t be questioned whether a Web site is appropriate for scalability for mobile browsing; companies need to address the changes in consumer behaviors now. People are becoming more mobile, more social, and more accessible to marketing initiatives – how companies leverage this new, omnipresent Internet will determine the future course of e-commerce.

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