New Facebook Multicultural Affinity Targeting: More Granular Segmenting Options for Brands

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New Facebook Multicultural Affinity Targeting: More Granular Segmenting Options for Brands

Post by Bailey Allen, Associate Media Manager

The 2010 U.S. Census reported that Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans make up one-third of the U.S. population, and that number is growing rapidly. Reaching and personalizing to these audiences is an essential part of any brand’s marketing strategy. As such, Facebook recognized a need for more multicultural targeting across Facebook and Instagram.

According to Facebook, Multicultural Affinity is “the quality of people who are interested in and likely to respond well to multicultural content.” This new targeting solution enables advertisers to more effectively reach and engage people of varying traditions, beliefs, aesthetics, languages and musical tastes. The targeting is based on affinity, not ethnicity. Affinity can be described as “a relationship, like a marriage, as a natural liking, and as a similarity of characteristics.” This means that ads can be targeted to people with multicultural interests.

Three audiences have been broken out in Multicultural Affinity: Hispanic, African American and Asian American affinities:

  • Hispanic Audience: Largest of the 3 new audiences. On average 29.2 million monthly users fall into the Hispanic category. Advertisers have the ability to target the Hispanic Affinity segment through language:
    • Bilingual speakers, making up 8.4 million users
    • Spanish-dominant speakers, with 13.4 million users
    • English-dominant speakers making up 7.2 million users.

This audience is predominately active on mobile, with 95% of users using mobile and 47% solely using mobile. The best way for brands to connect with this audience is through video ads (video over-indexes in popularity for U.S. Hispanics vs. other audiences) targeting mobile devices. Because different language targeting is available with Bilingual speakers, Spanish-dominant speakers, and English-dominant speakers, the best way to create the optimal user experience is to test each language target and determine which resonates more with users for a particular brand.

  • African American Audience: Very engaged audience. There are 21 million monthly users, and 17 million daily users. According to Facebook, 80% of monthly users check-in every day. Of this audience, 90% access Facebook on mobile devices (44% access Facebook only on mobile devices).
  • Asian American Audience: Makes up 4.6 million monthly users, with 3.9 million returning daily. This audience uses mobile less than other audiences, with only 53% accessing Facebook on mobile (and only 16% exclusively using mobile). Targeting this audience may be most effectively done on desktop.

Tailor copy/creative to the specific audiences and languages. For instance, copy tailored to the traditions, beliefs, aesthetics and musical tastes of each audience will be more engaging and result in better performing ads.


This targeting is very concentrated and it may not be the best solution for every advertiser or every campaign. To drive the best results, this targeting should only be used with a specific goal to reach a specific audience. Conduct a test to see how Multicultural Affinity targeting performs against existing targeting to determine its effectiveness.

For more info on Multicultural Affinity Audience targeting, or to set up a test for your brand, please contact your Performics account team today.


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