New Google Local Business Ads Interaction Report Offers Insights to Multi-Channel Retailers

Posted by Matt Miller, Director, Vertical Solutions

At the beginning of the year, Google added four new links to their local business ads: “get directions,” “street view,” “save to my maps,” and “send.”  Google rolled out these new links to improve user experience.  However, despite creating additional relevancy, the links ultimately took consumers farther away from multi-channel retailer sites.


This week, Google rolled out new reporting to track user interaction with these links.  The new report includes data on how many times users opened the info window, the number of clicks to your Web site that come from the info window and the number of clicks that come to your site from the “get directions,” “street view,” and “save to my maps” links.  While the new reporting is not the holy grail of online-offline attribution, it takes us one step closer to understanding the interaction between people using local business ads and then ending up on your site/in your store.

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