October: Digital Digest Feature

Humans are the most mobile they have ever been. In fact, many of the innovations that garner our attention do so because of their ability to further increase our mobility, either by enhancing the speed at which we physically move or the pace at which data moves between us. Understanding this fundamental human affinity to mobility is crucial for advertisers and their ability to provide consumers with a positive experience. To this end, please enjoy the following global pieces:

How’s The Commute?

Drones carrying advertisements for Uber fly over cars that are stuck in Mexico City traffic

Mobile Intentions

Key rationales underlying why consumers leverage mobile search to address their needs and enhance their purchase-related decisiveness

The Customer Is ALWAYS Right

Over 80% of consumers across multiple markets have stopped doing business with a company due to a bad customer experience

Move Over, Desktop

In the last year alone, the share of Paid Search clicks attributed to smartphones has increased by approximately 20%

The 21st Century Road Trip Buddy

Next year, Toyota will start selling a small robot that can interpret facial reactions and converse based on how people are feeling; don’t worry, it also comes with a car seat.

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