Online Shopping Skyrockets on Black Friday

Post by Caterina Merenda, Marketing Specialist

Black Friday prompts millions of shoppers to line up at the stores for the best holiday deals. But this year, the majority of sales came in through a different channel. Technology is enabling consumers to shop online more, allowing for less trips to the store. AdAge states that less than 102 million shoppers went to the stores on Black Friday, whereas 103 million shopped online, using convenient websites like Amazon.

Why are consumers turning to online shopping on Black Friday?

Online shopping is a favorite among consumers. AdAge explains that with less time spent getting to the store and waiting in long lines, our future may become dependent on using websites like Amazon to buy products. Wall Street Journal notes that online shopping throughout the Black Friday weekend skyrocketed, especially on mobile phones.

According to MarketWatch, retailers are providing consumers with deals and promotions for shopping online on Black Friday. So, why would retailers do this if that may drive less in-store sales, leading to a drop in physical traffic?

Consumers seek the easiest possible way to shop. If consumers are less enthused with shopping at the stores on Black Friday, they’ll resort to waiting for online deals once the Black Friday storm calms. This is why retailers have started to provide consumers with the option to buy online in order to keep sales up year over year. MarketWatch states that more than half of Black Friday shopping was done through mobile phones this year, which is about double the amount from last year. This data provides a great deal of insight into the future of consumer buying habits.


eMarketer states that the US retail industry has already spent $12.91 billion on digital ads in 2015, and that number will grow to $19.98 billion within the next 4 years. Not to mention, most of this digital ad spending will be set aside for mobile.


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