Our Annual CES Foray: Is a Fully Connected Consumer Just a Data Point Away?

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January 14, 2016
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January 19, 2016

Our Annual CES Foray: Is a Fully Connected Consumer Just a Data Point Away?

Happy 2016, Performics World!

I hope this note finds you well and that all of your performance goals, strategies and plans are delivered upon this year for our clients, our teams and for the network. As always, we are relentlessly committed to this!

To fuel these outcomes, we always start our year at CES, and last week a large team from Performics and ZenithOptimedia attended the show.

For a show that is all about what’s new/next, this year’s CES was more about what we will do with the wealth of technology being made available to us, and all of the data being generated from it.

From connected autos to homes to drones to phones and wearables, we are being asked as consumers to embrace and incorporate discreet and synced technology and platforms with the promise of sharing data to receive personalized and empowering experiences. This is extremely exciting and equally intimidating for all of us.

As marketers, we are uniquely positioned to be the connective tissue in a desired Internet of Things world. To deliver on this opportunity, we need to continue to invest in the sophisticated use of data to provide the highest forms of utility and entertainment for consumers. We need to embrace our role as the enablers of fully connected consumer experiences, and know by doing so, we will ensure the long term viability of the brands we are charged with building.

After attending CES for years, it is clear that the steady beat of technological advancement and expansion will continue across all forms of goods and service. It is also clear is that data will be the tie-breaker for enabling this technology to deliver on consumer expectations.

In an increasingly science driven world, we will remain the artists that can and should bring joy to the consumer across channels, platforms and screens. Data will be our canvas for doing so.

Looking forward to creating a masterpiece with all of you!


Michael Kahn

Global CEO

Performics Worldwide



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