Performics at CES 2013: Our Top Three Trends

By Joe Potter, Associate Account Manager There are several times a year that a self-proclaimed tech geek gets excited. These times usually revolve around scheduled releases from technology world giants. But, these announcements are just a blip on the radar compared to an event that takes place every January. One event that dwarfs all others combines hundreds of companies, large and small, thousands of products, and tens of thousands of visitors with a unique preview into the tech future. This is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that takes place in Las Vegas and runs from January 8th – 11th, 2013. This year, I am fortunate to attend CES with Performics. I look forward to gleaning useful information on highly-innovative products, and especially new concepts that will be announced and displayed. Products shared at CES are the ones that marketers will be conversing on and engaging participants with throughout the year! So you may ask, what am I excited to see? Since that list is too long, I will give you my personal top three. 1) Samsung Flexible Smartphone and TV displays Ever drop your smartphone and have the screen crack into a giant spider web? Maybe you should have bought a flexible screen phone. OK, so maybe that is not exactly what it was intended for, but think how much easier it would be to move with a flexible phone in your pocket versus the regular static brick. It will be exciting to see how Samsung markets flexible screens as a benefit to customers. The future possibility of a tablet that could fold into your pocket and expand to a 10” display is certainly enticing. 2) Windows 8 Tablet/Laptop hybrids Perhaps you have seen massive amounts of advertising from Microsoft for Windows 8 and the new Surface tablets. With a totally redesigned UI, Windows 8 brings opportunities to computers that previously didn’t exist in the Windows world. Since this operating system has been out for several months, manufacturers will surely present all of their new gadgets displaying Windows 8. These new gadgets are likely to be a hybrid style device between the increasingly popular tablet, and traditional laptops where the keyboard and the screen are two separate pieces. This brings a whole new meaning to a device for both work and play. 3) Display technology – Give me more pixels! Whether it is a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or even a TV, there can never be enough pixels crammed into the space that could only hold half as many the year before. With 1080p and higher resolutions becoming standard on tablets, and even beginning to make an appearance on 13” laptops, CES 2013 promises to deliver more manufacturers crushing a previously unbelievable number of pixels into every device. Expect to see 1080p resolution in smart phones and retina displays in 13” laptops. Also, don’t forget 4K televisions. With additional screen real estate to go around, think how much more you can multitask! What are you looking forward to seeing at CES 2013? Share with us. Make sure to Like, Follow, and +1 us for live CES updates on innovative product developments, and next day “must-sees”!

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