Performics Czech Republic website goes live

Looking to practice your Czech? Or do you want to learn a little more about the Performics Czech Republic  team?  Check out our newly launched Performics Czech Republic website that launched on October 10th, 2013 (yes, it’s all in Czech): So perhaps your Czech isn’t as good as you thought, but here are some interesting facts on the Czech Republic and how digital marketing is changing in that market.  A recent study found that 57% of organizations in the Czech Republic planned to integrate and invest more on their online campaigns.  The two areas that have seen the most investment have been online integrated campaigns and social media.  Other results showed that in the Czech Republic 71%  of companies wanted to gain better understanding and experience in web analytics, 61% in social media marketing and 39% in mobile application development. It’s also predicted that in 2013 internet advertising in the Czech Republic will reach $361 million, an increase from $317 million in 2012. It’s estimated that online ad spend will reach $401 million in 2014, while traditional media spends will stay flat or decrease. The Czech Republic is no exception when it comes to the dynamic world of digital marketing and our team in Prague can meet your demands.  Their experience includes work with major brands including Whirlpool, HP, Samsung and Swarovski.  

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