Performics’ Hyper-Flighting Strategy Sends Retailer’s Clicks, Sales Soaring


Performics needed to successfully maximize online exposure for an outdoor retailer during their regular catalog drops. The team had to increase paid search exposure during these times of high brand interest and increase online sales, but then return the earned revenue share (ERS) to goal immediately post-catalog drop.


The increased interest and sales generated by the catalog only last 5-7 days, so the aggressive account changes required to improve account position within the short flight periods caused a lingering period of increased ERS. The team was challenged to:

  • Immediately increase account ERS on days scheduled for catalog drops
  • Maintain increased ERS for flight periods of 5-7 days when brand interest and offline sales historically remained strong
  • Quickly decrease account ERS to pre flight level immediately after designated flight period


Performics developed and implemented a “hyper-flighting” path to perfecting the program:

  • The team classified all keywords based on historical performance into five different groups, helping to make more informed bid adjustments entering and exiting flight periods
  • With the new groups, the team developed a strategy to quickly change the bids of the account’s high spend terms which more effectively and quickly increased or decreased the account ERS
  • The bid changes at the keyword level allowed for the removal of campaign caps, yielding large increases in traffic, further keyword optimization, increased sales, and improved efficiency


By removing caps and focusing bid adjustments on broad match brand terms, year-over-year results of the bid strategy speak for themselves:

  • 15% increase in sales
  • 12% increase in clicks
  • 11% decrease in account ERS


“Sales strongly correlate with our catalog drops and annual sales. The flighting strategy that the Performics team perfected helped optimize traffic to our site during times of high interest. Recent work not only anticipated traffic, but also the rate at which it was coming; our campaigns ran more efficiently and were more profitable.”

– eCommerce Manager

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