Performics and Northwestern University’s Intent Lab Releases First Retail Brand-Level Digital Satisfaction Index™ (DSI), Comparing Shopper Satisfaction for Lululemon, H&M and Gap

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Performics and Northwestern University’s Intent Lab Releases First Retail Brand-Level Digital Satisfaction Index™ (DSI), Comparing Shopper Satisfaction for Lululemon, H&M and Gap

Lululemon Leads the Way in Online Utility and Social, While Shoppers Perceive Gap as Most Trustworthy

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Performics, the premier performance marketing revenue growth driver, released the first edition of its Retail Brand-Level Digital Satisfaction Index™ (DSI), which compares digital satisfaction for retail in general, as well as across specific brands: Lululemon, H&M and Gap. The DSI is a quarterly measure of consumer attitudes and perceptions of online marketing, produced by the Intent Lab, a research partnership between Performics and Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Marketing. The Retail Brand-Level DSI surveyed 1500 respondents in the U.S.

The DSI uses four key factors to understand consumer satisfaction:

  • Utility: Usefulness of site/app experiences
  • Social: Ability of brands to create communities
  • Privacy: Comfort around site information collection
  • Trust: Credibility of information from brands

According to Esteban Ribero, Performics SVP of Planning and Insights, “Our study showed that Utility was by far the most important factor in driving digital satisfaction for retail consumers. The good news is that most shoppers are loving the UX of retail websites and apps. To illustrate, 79% of respondents said the structure of retail websites and apps is intuitive.”

In regards to digital satisfaction for specific retail brands, the Intent Lab ranked Lululemon first overall, with H&M and Gap following. Shoppers perceived Lululemon as the most convenient and social brand, while Gap ranked highest in trustworthiness. All retailers have work to do around the Privacy factor, ensuring shoppers that they’re able to protect personal information. In fact, 34% of respondents said that they’re worried about storing their credit card information online with retailers.

“The DSI exposed the challenge that many retailers face in balancing personalization and privacy,” said Ribero. “Shoppers want both, and getting either wrong could be a deal breaker in terms of satisfaction.” 48% of respondents in the study said that they don’t like personalization because they don’t like to be tracked. At the same time, the large majority of shoppers wish that retail content and information was better prioritized based on their preferences. “There’s a trade-off between personalization and privacy in retail, and the key to digital satisfaction is being open and honest about what information is collected,” said Ribero.

View the 2017 Retail Brand-Level Digital Satisfaction Index™ (DSI) for more insights into overall retail satisfaction, as well as satisfaction comparisons between Lululemon, H&M and Gap.

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