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Posted by Cristina Lucero & Christina Mannarino, Performics Research & Insights Team

United States

Channel Insights


-Nielsen Study: 45 Million Americans Used Their Phones to Shop in June

  • 45 million American smartphone owners used an app from the Shopping/Commerce category in June 2012—accessing shopping apps an average of more than 17 times during the month
  • In June alone, shopping apps for eBay and Amazon attracted 13 million and 12 million unique users, respectively
  • Daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial saw more than 10 million Americans using their apps during June 2012
  • Read the full survey here

-xAd and Telmetrics Study: Mobile Purchase Path Insights for Successful Mobile Ad Campaigns

  • The study found strong intent to purchase among mobile users
  • Overall, 85% of mobile restaurant searchers, 51% of mobile auto searchers, and 46% of mobile travel searchers ultimately make a purchase
  • 66% of mobile searchers noticed mobile ads and 33% clicked on an ad
  • Brand websites were most popular for travel users (47%)
  • With tablet users, brand websites were more popular than apps among travel, restaurant, and auto categories, with 51% restaurant, 56% travel, and 48% automotive going to branded websites
  • Read more about the study here


-Shareholic Report: Pinterest’s Growth Slows, But Still on Track to Pass Yahoo Referrals In August

  • From May to June, Pinterest’s referral traffic to Shareaholic’s network of about 200,000 sites grew by 43.7%
  • From June to July, it “only” increased by 15.97%
  • Even at this slower growth rate, Pinterest is still on track to surpass referral traffic from Yahoo! in August. This, says Shareaholic, means Pinterest will soon be the fourth largest traffic source in the world
  • Today, Pinterest already drives more traffic to sites that use Shareaholic than Bing and Twitter and it’s only 0.10% away from overtaking Yahoo!
  • Google, of course, remains the largest driver of traffic to the company’s member sites, followed by Facebook and, for the time being, Yahoo!
  • Read the full article here

-Facebook Taps New Mobile Revenue Stream: App Ads (AdAge)

  • The new ad unit will allow advertisers to promote their mobile apps, and it joins Facebook's "sponsored stories," which is the social network's core product for brand advertisers
  • The new ad unit will be targeted at different advertisers, those looking for installs of mobile apps, and priced on a cost-per-click basis
  • The promoted app will surface as a recommendation alongside apps that are being recommended organically based on a user's history and social graph under the headings "Try These Games" and "Try These Apps"
  • Like any other ad, it can be targeted to users based on age, gender, location, likes and interests
  • Read the full article here


-Report: Search Undervalued, Critical to Brand Campaigns (eMarketer)

  • Digital executives still find it tough to prove that search is a critical ingredient in branding
  • However, the report discusses that search results influence consumers’ perceptions about a company, according to 81% of the respondents worldwide in a November 2011 study
  • Once companies invest in content marketing, nearly 78% of brand and agency marketers used paid search and almost 69% used organic search optimization to increase the target audience’s awareness of branded content, according to a January 2012 study from content discovery platform Outbrain

-Google: Nearly 50% of Olympics-Related Searches Coming From Mobile Devices

  • During the first two days of the Olympics, smartphone and tablet searches approached 50 percent of overall search query volume according to Google
  • Google said, “at some moments during the Games, there have been more searches performed on tablets and smartphones than on computers”
  •  Some of this activity is in the context of the so-called “second screen” phenomenon of people watching TV and using smartphone or tablet devices to gather more information about what they’re watching or to avoid commercials
  • These Olympics are establishing new, or new levels of, mobile usage and viewing behavior among U.S. and global audiences
  • Read the full article here

Global Insights


-Facebook Dominates Social Media in Mexico (eMarketer)

  • More than 9 in 10 social network users in Mexico are on Facebook
  • eMarketer estimates the number of Facebook users in Mexico will approach 28 million this year, for a penetration of 92% among social network users
  • Though growth will be slower as the market matures, the user base for the No. 1 social network in Mexico is expected to expand at robust double-digit rates through 2014
  • Other services that had been popular, such as hi5 and Myspace, have seen sharp declines
  • But hi5 maintains a loyal audience among online gamers, and Myspace has adherents among Mexico’s relatively small music community

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