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Posted by Cristina Lucero & Christina Carlile, Performics Research & Insights Team United States Performics Authored -Mobile Search’s Role in Back to School 2012

  • Performics’ aggregate client group dedicated 25.2% of paid search budgets to mobile in August. Spend pushes led to big increases in impressions and clicks, as well as outstanding CTRs.
  • Growth in budgets was largely driven by our retailer clients, who invested incremental budget to capture back-to-school demand from parents and students (1) shopping on their phones while running around town and (2) shopping on their tablets while sitting on the couch at night
  • Mobile click share also achieved a new record in August-mobile clicks were 34.5% of all paid clicks for our aggregate client group (up from 31.5% in July)
  • Read the full report on the Performics Blog

Channel Insights Social -Facebook Now Tracks Consumers’ Retail Purchases (Facebook)

  • Facebook is working with a data mining firm, Datalogix, to show marketers that consumers who see ads on the social network actually buy advertised products
  • Datalogix matches emails and data associated with those cards and programs with emails and information required to set up a Facebook account
  • Using this information, the company can say whether a consumer purchased an item after seeing it advertised on Facebook
  • The report comes after Facebook last month allowed marketers to match users’ email addresses and phone numbers with their own data profiles
  • The change means brands can now target users on Facebook even if those consumers haven’t “Liked” the brands
  • As part of the deal, Facebook must make it clear to users when the social network shares their information beyond what their privacy settings mandate, operate a program to protect users’ privacy and get users’ approval before sharing their information
  • Read the full article here

Mobile -Google: Mobile-friendly sites turn visitors into customers

  • 61% of people said that they’d quickly move onto another site if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site
  • 67% of users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site, so if that site’s not yours, you’ll be missing out in a big way
  • 79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site
  • A site that’s not designed for mobile can leave users feeling downright frustrated, and these negative reactions translate directly to the brands themselves
  • 48% of users say they feel frustrated and annoyed when they get to a site that’s not mobile-friendly
  • 52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company
  • 48% said that if a site didn’t work well on their smartphones, it made them feel like the company didn’t care about their business
  • Read more on the Google Mobile Ads Blog

-Tablet demand continues to grow, opening up opportunities for vendors (Mobile Marketer)

  • IDC has raised its forecast for worldwide tablets shipments to 117.1 million units in 2012, up from its previous forecast of 107.4 million units
  • The iPad will end 2012 with a 60% share of the tablet market in 2012 but by 2016, IDC expects the iPad’s share to drop to 58% as other tablets gain
  • IDC expects Android to get a boost in the second half of 2012 from the Nexus 7 and the new Kindle Fires
  • Read more about the report here

-Men Top Women in Mobile Buying (eMarketer)

  • About a third of men have purchased digital content via their mobile devices
  • The biggest discrepancy was in the consumer electronics category, where women’s purchase tendency was 19 percentage points behind men’s
  • 91% of male mobile device users have scanned a mobile barcode, compared to 85% of female US mobile users
  • However, 44% of female U.S. smartphone users redeemed an online coupon via mobile in November 2011, compared to 34% of men
  • 32% of U.S. female smartphone users have opted in to receive location-based mobile coupons, compared to only 26% of men

-The State of Retailing Online 2012: Investments in Mobile & Tablet Commerce (Forrester)

  • Commerce on smartphones and tablets keeps growing, but retailer investment levels remain modest
  • In fiscal year (FY) 2011, half spent less than $100,000 on smartphone projects, with 14% spending nothing; almost 75% spent less than $100,000 on tablet initiatives, with 18% spending nothing
  • While Forrester estimates that mobile commerce should grow to an estimated $12 billion in the US in 2012
  • A common conundrum for retailers is whether to focus on consumers using mobile devices outside the store or to focus on in-store use by consumers and/or store associates
  • While the ROI is still unclear and untested in many areas, eBusiness professionals in retail are still largely investing in some services like mobile point of sale and e-receipts

Search -Etsy Bets Big on Google Shopping Ahead of Relaunch (Mashable)

  • Beginning next week, businesses that want their products to appear at the top of Google search results will have to pay for it.
  • Results will still be ranked largely by relevance, “with bidding as an additional factor”
  • Shop owners will be able to track how their Google listings are performing in terms of click-throughs through an analytics dashboard
  • Etsy has been studying the traffic from Google Product Searches since May and found that it was effective for reaching shoppers who weren’t previously familiar with Etsy
  • Etsy is now working closely with Google to get the entire marketplace into product search
  • We will want to monitor Etsy’s product searches more closely as they attempt to dominate the marketplace in product searches. This could potential drive bidding costs upward.
  • Read the full article here

-Twitter Opens Up To More Crawling, But Do Search Engines Want Its Search Results In Theirs? (Search Engine Land)

  • Twitter is opening up its content search results—i.e., tweets and hashtags—while still preventing bots from crawling its search results for users, videos and images
  • Tweet and hashtag search results show via the /search path; searches for Twitter users show via the /search/users path; and searches for photos and videos show via /search/(keyword)/grid
  • However, Google has been adamant over the years that it doesn’t want to show search results pages in its own search results
  • Twitter and Google have been sparring for more than a year about crawling and indexing, going back to July 2011 when an agreement ended that previously gave Google a special feed of Twitter content—and killed Google’s Realtime Search product in the process
  • Read the full article here

Global Insights LATAM Mexico -Twitter Grows Stronger in Mexico (eMarketer)

  • There were 11.7 million active Twitter users in Mexico during Q2 of this year
  • During Q2 2012, 44% of users in Mexico shared personal photos via Twitter, trailing only China (61%) and India (49%) among the nations included in the report
  • And emphasizing the importance of the social network as a listening post for marketers, 32% of Twitter users in Mexico made comments about brands
  • Despite modest social TV engagement, Twitter is still riding a wave of attention it received during this year’s presidential election in Mexico

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