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Posted by Cristina Lucero and Christina Mannarino, Performics Research & Insights Team

Highlighted below are emerging trends and insights from the week of June 27, 2011:

United States
Channel Insights


– Google launches social network: Google+ (AdAge).

  • The major difference between Facebook and Google+ is that instead of having a massive friend list, users collect each other into groups, such as family, work and friends, called “circles.”
  • Google+ will give Google a place for users to create their own content… Since it belongs to Google, it will all be searchable and monetizable — just the way Google likes it.
  • Read the full story here.
  • Read how to use Google+ here.


– Google launches new functionality in sites that allows users to create a simple mobile landing page for free (TechCrunch).

  • This is important for any business that has a geo-local presence.
  • Sites for mobile allow users to pick a template that suits the consumer’s needs.
  • On these mobile sites, businesses and users can include the ability to integrate their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social accounts.
  • Read the full story here.

– Video viewing and social networking become common smartphone activities (eMarketer).

  • In the US, 58% of smartphone owners used their phone to go online every day during the week before polling, vs. 78% who said the same of their PC.
  • Frequent viewing rates of social media are becoming comparable to those for the desktop web. 

– Google Android activates 500,000 new Android-powered phones each day worldwide, compared to Apple’s 210,000 iPhone activations last quarter (Business Insider).

  • This is important, because If Android grabs a dominant share of the market, as Microsoft’s Windows did in the 1990s, Apple will get increasingly marginalized, and eventually iOS’s value as a platform will plummet.
  • Apple’s competitive advantage, besides prices, is that Android is still a “fragmented” platform, with many different versions and customizations.
  • Read the full story here.

– E-reader ownership doubles in six months, thanks to Hispanics (Pew Internet).

  • The share of adults in the United States who own an e-book reader doubled to 12% in May, 2011 from 6% in November 2010.
  • Hispanics have emerged as a key demographic across both tablets and e-Readers to date… Hispanics have among the highest rates of tablet ownership
  • Additionally, women for the first time are slightly more likely to own a tablet than men.
  • Read the full story here.


– Combination of earned and paid media boosts awareness, favorability and purchase intent (eMarketer).

  • Research indicates that earned media can be more effective for certain purposes than advertising, but it’s the combination of earned media with other forms of marketing that brings the strongest levels of success.
  • A combination of earned media with paid or with paid plus brand creative lifted awareness even further.



– Marketers who are only focusing on the traditional 25-54 age demographic are missing about 58 percent of the U.S. (Nielsen Wire).

  • The over-55 age group is important not only because of their growth rate, but also because their value as consumers and their relevance as media users.
  • The key opportunity with young consumers falls around the fact that they hold significant sway over household purchases, including food, clothing, movie tickets and fast food.
  • Read the full story here.


– Women control the majority of purchasing decisions in a household and their influence is growing (Nielsen Wire).

  • Universally, women everywhere believe their roles are changing and they are changing for the better.
  • “Women want to participate in something bigger and proactive to make the world a better place.”
  • Read the full story here.

Vertical Insights


– Toyota Expands “Buckle Up for Life” Safety Program for Hispanic & African American Families (Hispanic PR Blog).

  • Hispanic children are three times more likely to die in a vehicle crash than Caucasian children.
  • After participating in the Buckle Up for Life program in Greater Cincinnati, the number of Hispanic adults and children using seat belts and car seats more than doubled.
  • Read the full story here.

Channel Insights


– Social media marketing is expected to reach $5.97 billion in 2011 (eMarketer).

  • China saw the greatest gains in customer acquisition from social networks among all countries studied, increasing from 44% in 2010 to 65% in 2011.
  • Social networks made the biggest impact for companies that are operating in developed markets.

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