Performing in the Non-Google Search World

Best Practices International Search Engines - Baidu Baidu is China’s search engine of choice, and boasts 560 million Chinese people online. Compared to Google, Baidu has by far the largest internet user base. Recently, Performics was tasked by our Internet Retailer client to create and implement a successful search campaign with Baidu. Through launching this campaign, led by Performics APAC, we developed best practices on how to efficiently work with a search engine that behaves completely separate from Google. Over the next few weeks, we will cover our learnings from working with several non-Google search engines, and share strategic takeaways and opportunities. In this blog post, we will cover best practices across the areas of Account & Planning, Operations, and Technology to help you make the most of your next Baidu search campaign. Account & Planning Best Practices Plan Early Once you set your structure in Baidu, no change is allowed. Have your account structure, naming and opening needs planned in advanced. Open a second account as early as possible Opening up a second account in Baidu is complicated due to their audit and prolonged audit times. If you are opening up a second account, do that as soon as possible to prevent delays. Operations Best Practices What are your campaign quantities? Baidu has campaign cut-offs at 100 accounts and 1000 ad groups. If your campaign is larger than this, revisit your structure to work within these parameters. Know the policies Violating a Baidu policy leads to immediate penalization. There are no exemption clauses. To develop a successful and efficient campaign with Baidu, you need to have working knowledge of their policies. Do you have a second domain? Having a second domain leads to complicated approval times, and significant wait times. Technology Best Practices Prepare for the timing Upload restrictions on the editor are set to 5,000 at a time. The process quickly becomes time-consuming, and manually intensive. Prepare in advance for how much alloted time is needed to upload the keywords, so you won’t lose valuable time. Understand the ranking It is important to know that unlike Google, Baidu ranks are slanted much in favor of bidding/bid values versus quality scores. Negative keyword volume Take the time to understand restrictions. There are restrictions on negative keyword volume at campaign level, site links and much more. Managing geo-targeting Geo-targeting can be done only by duplicating the entire structure per geography. There is no separate mobile targeting. When preparing to launch your Baidu search campaign, the key takeaway is to plan ahead and understand the search engine restrictions. This leads to an optimal campaign set-up and outcome. Look out for our follow-up blog posts on how to improve your campaign performance in a non-Google search world.

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