Pinterest Releases New Gifts Feed: Visibility & Direct Sales Opportunity for Brands

Pinterest recently announced a new feature called Gifts Feed—a feed that displays only pins that are specifically enhanced with real-time pricing, inventory availability and where the item can be purchased.  The Gifts Feed experiences higher click-through rates, benefiting both brands and Pinterest users alike.  Brands benefit from additional visibility as their logos appear on the pins, while users benefit from a one-click journey to the product landing page, where they can purchase.  In the future, Pinterest will likely add a layer of personalization to the Gifts Feed, so that users will only see Product Pins that are related to their specific interests. Pinterest Gift Feed-1 The Gifts Feed is the next evolution of Pinterest’s Pin Product offering.  Pinterest began improving its Pin Product offering in May 2013, when it announced the launch of Rich Pins.  Rich Pins enable brands to include additional information around their pinned content, such as cooking ingredients for Rich Recipe Pins or product price for Rich Product Pins. Rich Pins not only make for a better user experience, but also position Pinterest as a more attractive advertising channel for brands. PERFORMANCE IMPLICATIONS While Pinterest has caused a frenzy among users since launching in 2010, its evolving pin offerings are now turning it into a must-have for brands. Pinterest is positioning itself as a highly personalized shopping channel, which puts it in a strong position to help brands drive direct sales. The Gifts Feed is an opportunity for brands to gain stronger visibility and drive incremental Pinterest direct sales at no additional cost. Product Pins in the Gifts Feed will likely become a key advertising opportunity for retailers once Pinterest finalizes its monetization strategy. In order to appear in the Gifts Feed, brands should:Pinterest logo

  1. Update their websites with appropriate metatags
  2. Implement Rich Pins across Pinterest Boards
  3. Leverage analytics to monitor top-trending Product Pins to inform cross-channel marketing strategies

Brands should also keep in mind Pinterest best practices. Check out Performics Pinterest Best Practices for tips and suggestions from our Pinning experts.

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