Pinterest Search Now Incorporates Gender Filter: How Advertisers Can Take Advantage

Pinterest recently announced an update to its search settings which will personalize search results based on gender specifications. This update caters to its fastest growing demographic: men. While Pinterest is used predominantly by females, nearly one-third of new accounts are male users. In 2014, Pinterest’s U.S. male user base grew 73% year-over-year. Pinterest gender search update *Image courtesy of Pinterest WHY?  BENEFITS for USERS Pinterest’s new search feature is meant to improve pinners’ experiences.  Users can now adjust preferences in search to find personalized gifts based on gender; they won’t have to sort through irrelevant Pins to find the right product. Similar to previous filters, Pinterest’s gender filter can be turned on or off at will. According to Marketing Land, the top 5 interests followed by men on Pinterest are:

  1. Men’s apparel
  2. Technology
  3. Travel
  4. Gardening
  5. Recipes

HOW ADVERTISERS CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE Since Pinterest rolled out Promoted Pins to all advertisers in early January, it’s making a large effort to improve user experience for both advertisers and users alike. If brands have not yet expanded their advertising efforts to Pinterest, the new search feature will be a good incentive:

  • Conversions: Segmenting search by gender will serve Promoted Pins to a more relevant audience pool, and advertisers should expect to see conversion rates from Pinterest traffic increase.
  • Engagement: Pinterest confirmed that preliminary testing of the gender filter improved engagement rates


  • Purchasing Behavior: Consider purchasing behavior based on gender specifications before launching Promoted Pins campaigns. Leverage gender-based behavioral insights and customize messaging based on purchasing patterns to maximize performance.
  • Testing: Test Promoted Pins’ creative and messaging against different gender audiences and optimize campaigns accordingly
  • Visibility: Increase Promoted Pin visibility to the right audience

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