Increased Impressions and CTR for Scoot

Performics Increases Impressions and CTR for Scoot


Performics sought to increase brand awareness for our travel industry client Scoot in Japan. Our main goal was in build awareness and drive bookings at a low CPA.


Target audience includes millennials in Japan who are looking to travel.


Our client sought to reach millennials who spend the majority of their time on the internet, giving them the opportunity to book a vacation through our client’s website. By leveraging Performics’ paid search team, display team and content team, we were able to formulate a plan to:

  • Develop programmatic buying campaigns to lead prospects down the purchasing path and remarket existing users with a better deal
  • Utilize 100% brand share of voice to capture the target audience with intent
  • Leverage blogger outreach and content activation when flight promotions were at their peak in order to boost bookings and encourage engagement with the brand


Because of Performics’ implementation, our client was able to achieve the following:

  • Delivered more than 142 million impressions (77% higher than estimated)
  • Surpassed sales expectations by 130%
  • Brand searches grew by 27%
  • CTR grew by 50%
  • Overall CPA reduced by 71%

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