Increase in Client’s CTR and Registration to Install Ratio

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October 27, 2015
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December 8, 2015

Increase in Client’s CTR and Registration to Install Ratio

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Increase in Client’s CTR and Registration to Install Ratio


Performics’ client faced a major challenge in popularizing their product in a market with increasing competition; namely Skype, Rebtel, Viber, Tango and more. Our client sought to reach a total of 200,000 installs with a geographical reach to appeal to NRIs in over 25 countries. The target set was at a 80% registration to install ration.


Telephone numbers calling India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were identified in order to gather a custom audience base. Major festivals and events were also identified in order to target non-residents and emotionally connect them with nostalgia and memories of home.

Plan or Strategy

Performics designed creatives and promoted the client’s offerings, such as the “cheapest call rates.” These creatives were implemented in various channels.

Because call rates were the biggest concern from an international consumers’ perspective, a “call calculator” was created based on respective currency and placed on a dynamic landing page.

A database of custom audiences from 30 countries was also created, and Facebook was used to reach out to these consumers.


Performics’ implementations led to the following achievements:

  • Exceeded 80% benchmark and reached 90% registration to install ratio
  • Campaign improved the number of brand searches and enhanced the reputation of the brand
  • CTR drastically improved in accordance with conversion

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