Leveraging Facebook to Generate Test Drives and Traffic

Leveraging Facebook to Generate Test Drives and Traffic


An automotive client sought to increase the awareness for the Next Generation Compact Car (NGCC) Roadshow. The main goal of this project was to generate traffic for the Roadshow events that were held in 19 major German cities as well as to generate test drives.


Our client intended to target existing and potential customers within the set 19 German cities that owned a driver’s license, specifically gearing their attention towards:

  • A-Class: Cars for the younger generation
  • B-Class: Small SUVs for families
  • CLA: Sporty version of the A-Class
  • GLA: “Off-road” SUV version of the A-Class

Plan or Strategy

Performics’ created a social campaign using Facebook. Other channels used throughout the campaign process were: print, OoH, radio, digital, and event promotion. The digital channels were divided into two phases:

  • Teaser Phase: Began every Monday and lasted until Thursday. Ads in this phase used phrasing like “this weekend.”
  • Action Phase: Began Friday and lasted until Sunday. Ads in this phase used phrasing like “right now at ‘xy’ place.”

Facebook posts used focused local targeting on the cities with a matching call to action, i.e. “Now at the ‘XY’ Square.”

For this project, budget was allocated based on forecasted success on Facebook:

  • 60% of the budget was allocated for the Teaser Phase
  • In the action phase, our client sought to reach anyone who was on-the-go


Because of Performics’ social implementation, our client noticed positive feedback on Facebook, where users began to share stories and invited friends to the NGCC event. Facebook also became the key channel for consumers to engage in the test drive.

  • Over 6 million consumers were reached
  • Generated 336,517 overall clicks
  • Generated 189,187 website clicks
  • Resulted in 0.48€ CPC (website)
  • 25% of all test drives were generated via social media
  • Direct promotion onsite generated 21% of test drives
  • Overall positive feedback on the client's Facebook page

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