Desenvolvimento de uma nova campanha e aumento do volume de reserva para Fiji Airways

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December 11, 2015
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December 11, 2015

Desenvolvimento de uma nova campanha e aumento do volume de reserva para Fiji Airways

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Development of a New Campaign and Increased Booking Volume for Fiji Airways

“We are delighted to see continued uplift in booking volume as a result of our work with Zenith Optimedia…”

-Franc Zvonar, General Manager of Marketing & Ecommerce, Fiji Airways


Fiji Airways of Australia sought to increase booking volume without an investment increase. Previous campaigns did not perform to the best of their ability because of tagging restrictions and lack of creative resources. Performics stepped in to develop a new campaign since all former retargeting pools were exhausted.


Fiji Airways’ target audience includes travelers, honeymooners and families between the ages of 18 and 54, possessing the following qualities:

  • Tech savvy, heavy internet users, with interests in online shopping, social and news
  • Utilize the internet for banking, to pay bills and for online travel bookings


Performics developed an in-depth plan to increase booking volume for Fiji Airways without an investment increase:

  • Restructured and increased site tagging to capture a larger pool of non-converters
  • Fiji Airways supplied more creative variations
  • The digital team revised tagging strategies and worked with Fiji Airways to implement and test tags
  • The digital team worked with AOD to segment audience pools and deliver tailored messaging
  • Performics’ plan maximized volume in retargeting pools where the conversion rate was higher.


Because of Performics’ implementations, Fiji Airways accomplished the following:

  • Increase in delivered impression volume for retargeting pools by 59%
  • Increase in remarketing bookings by 19%
  • Increase in revenue for bookings by 18%

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