Relationships Are Essential to Link Builders

Posted by Chloe Zabicki, SEO Analyst As a link builder on the Performics SEO team I can tell you that one of the best parts about my job is the creativity it allows for finding new link building opportunities. A successful link building campaign is predicated on understanding which resources your client has to offer. From there, you can then choose the tactics to exhaust before moving on to others. Every client has different link building needs, within which different strategies can be utilized. With many of the link building tactics we use, building a relationship with the people we contact is essential. In fact, relationship building is more important than ever for having an effective link building campaign. The basic premise behind this is to create personalized outreach that does not ask the reader for anything, but would entice a response. So what exactly does link building look like? In its most basic form, there are 3 steps involved:

  1. Identify a target.
  2. Choose your tactic.
  3. Begin outreach.

We will explore the relationship building aspect in step two which is a critical component of link building. When beginning a link building campaign there are certain approaches that we begin with, such as unlinked mentions and co-citation analysis. These are generally successful tactics that we can use for our clients in order to obtain links for them. After these steps no longer yield substantial results, we begin identifying other opportunities. One way is to look for missed link building targets on the client’s site. Is there a page to target that we haven’t done so in the past? Answering this question is where the relationship building piece begins to come to life. Next step would be to evaluate your relationship with bloggers (and site owners), and determine the feasibility of acquiring additional links from these contacts. Link Builders can build off the relationship element further by asking for blogger feedback when appropriate. Asking, “What would be useful to your readers?” helps determine content relevancy. Content creation is a great link building opportunity! If there is something unique that is of value that we can offer site owners, then they will be more likely to add the client’s link to their page. For some clients, we offer a widget to bloggers to place on their site. This sort of content creation not only allows us to get feedback from site owners, but it also enables us to reach our target audience. There will always be new and innovative ways to build links. When one strategy is exhausted, it’s simply a matter of knowing what your target audience is seeking and what type of content will drive people back to your site.

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