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Posted by JC Longbottom, Marketing Analyst

From the Engines:

·         Yahoo! top searches of 2008.

· top searches of 2008.

·         AOL top searches of 2008.

·         Truveo top video searches.

·         Top Cyber Monday Google product searches.

·         Fastest rising Google searches of ’08.

Other Topics of Interest:

·         Hitwise: 1 and 10 brand searches lead away from the brand site.

·         Comscore: October search rankings.

·         Turn to SEO in a bad economy.

·         Downturn spurs innovation in search.

·         The benefits of call tracking for local search.

·         Hitwise Cyber Monday snapshot.

Some Fun Stuff:

·         Eight years later a ring is returned to its owner after spending time in a fish belly.  So far, no word of hobbits, Gollum, or other Middle Earth phenomena.

·         What’s with Allentown? An unlikely law suit and regrettable kitchen view.

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